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A message from our Founder, DeAnna DuPree

Have you hit a ceiling with your earning potential in your Styling Business?

Are you having challenges identifying your Sweet Spot?

Is your ideal client hard to reach?

Do you have Brand Ambassadors singing your praises on, and off line?

Unsure of the tools needed to close high-profile clients?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, you MUST join us March 21st!

More below...


Scaling your styling business to six-figures IS possible!

Our Founder, DeAnna DuPree, has created an enlightening mini-course laying out a step-by-step blueprint for Career Stylist, and Image Consultants to up-level their position in the marketplace, attract high net-worth clientele, and build a sustainable and highly profitable business.

Participants will:

* Receive fail-proof scripts, and checklists, to secure six-figure projects.

* Learn the do's and don't in contract creation.

* Download complete templates, and forms to run a successful six-figure styling business. 

* Have an opportunity to join an exclusive Stylist Community for day-to-day operations, marketing, and admin support.

Reserve your virtual seat today!

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